Rock Falls Living Center

About Rock Falls Living Center

Rock Falls Living Center located at 2202 12th Avenue, Rock Falls, IL. has 72 1-bedroom units (for persons aged 55 and above), rent $515 mo. + $250 security deposit, includes kitchen appliances & washer/dryer.

Call #815-622-9940

Manager: Rona Stolzoff
Email: [email protected]

Notice of Public Hearing

This shall serve as Public Notice that the Whiteside County Housing Authority is re-opening their Section VIII Housing Choice Voucher waiting list. The wait list will open on Tuesday, May 21 st 2024 at 9 a.m. Applications may be picked up and returned to the Whiteside County Housing Authority main office building, located at 401 West 18th St. Rock Falls, IL.


A valid Driver’s License or State issued I.D. and proof income will be required when the application is turned back in. All applications must be returned in person by the head of household. An application should take about 10 minutes to complete.


The W.C.H.A is an equal opportunity provider.

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