Housing Units

Whiteside Housing Authority Units


Rock Falls Living Center

Rock Falls Living Center located at 2202 12th Avenue, Rock Falls, IL. has 72 1-bedroom units (for persons aged 55...

Ster-Lynn Estates

Ster-Lynn Estates, located at 215 East 25th Street in Sterling, IL has 60 family units. 2 and 3 bedroom units....

Cedar Woods Apartments

Cedar Woods Apartments located at 9th Avenue and Route 30 in Rock Falls, IL has 27 units. This project has...

Coloma Homes

Coloma Homes is located at the central office site, 401 West 18th Street in Rock Falls. It has 125 smoke-free...

Garden Homes

Garden Homes is located at 7th Street, Rock Falls, Illinois. There are 40 elderly, handicapped/disabled smoke-free units located in this...

Civic Plaza I

Civic Plaza I is a smoke-free nine story hi-rise with 100 units for low-income seniors. It is located on 5th...
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